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Make do workshop

What a day, it all started off good, a nice ride into work and then greeted by a brand new Camelbak Havok in the post but on closer inspection of my bike at lunch time revealed a loose back end!
I noticed there might be a problem there the previous day on the way home, the back end just felt a bit ‘loose’ and did not track right, but me being me did not investigate, just hoped it would get better. But it looks like it won’t.
Lucky I had me 'cool tools’ in my bag and so I thought why not spend the hour trying to fix it. It turned out to be just a loose bolt on the rear link on the Tara frame. Easy to cure, tighten it up, not quite so easy as you can’t get to the bolts with the suspension active, so I needed to take the weight of the back end and remove the rear shock to get to the bolts, man this was looking like hard work! Well 5 minutes later I had made myself a temporary bike stand to hold the bike and 10 after that the rear end was off.


Needless to say the job was a lot easier than I expected and thanks to a local supply of protective gloves it did not make a mess.
Sorry about the poor pictures, the K700i is not great, this last photo shows the bolt in question, we are looking down the seat tube to the link

Damn bolt!