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One in three Friday nights for me are a bit of a non event, Lucy is at work and so I have no real intention of doing anything, most of the time this is used to perform the regular maintenance on this site and the [[DAO]] one. This Friday was a bit different, I got a call from Dan who wanted to try an install of Linux, so with my Mandrake discs in hand I popped round to see what I could do. Well one thing lead to another and some one mentioned beer and wine might ease my back, I have no idea if the pizza would really help but what the hell worth a shot.
Dan the man
The main man Dan and I sat there for hours, putting the worlds to rights, deciding what colour is best for this coming Thursday oh and having a quick tour back to the eighties and remembering the days of British Knights and school disco’s!
The night would not be the same without the woman indoors (you know I don’t mean it!) great thanks to Dell for keeping the Hamwiches coming right up to 5 in the morning when I left to find my own bed!