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Be very quiet, I'm hunting Tigers.

OSX 10.4 - Tiger
That’s right I’m searching the internet, the news feeds and even under the fridge for any information to the latest release of OSX. According to the Apple website it is due for release the first half of 2005. But on April the 1st, it was announced to have ‘gone gold’ This is basically the final, final release, it has been passed by everyone and is now ready for producing, packing and shipping. Sites were even claiming it would be in stores by the 15th, have it down as a pre-order!
Some might say 'look at the date, they are yanking your chain!’ well I’m not convinced, last year on April 1st Google announced this idea of doing webmail and called the service gmail, no one really laughing now?
I’m sure this was all genuine and that Tiger is not far away it just remains to see how far, now do I pre-order from Amazon or wait and see what happens…