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24hr Race

I’m always inspired by the endurance races in motorsport, the main one being the Le Mans 24h. Just the idea of a team of people running a car flat out for a day without stopping. Just to keep the drivers awake would be enough, but to then build a car that will run on the limit for this time is one achievement in my book.

So imagine my delight when I discover that Gran Turismo 4 has some real time 24hour endurance races in it!

Thats right racing in a computer game for 24hours. Now this is nothing new really as the old Le Man games of both PlayStation2 and original PlayStation fame had this feature. But what makes this really interesting is the fact that once you start you can not stop. Most games would let you pit in and save and stuff, not GT4 you want to race for 24 hours, you WILL race for 24 hours!
This has got Gravy2012 and I thinking, lets do it! Let’s organise a 24hour Gran Turismo 4 race.
Not meaning to sound gay but this is going to need some thought, we are not just going to sit there for 24 hours, plus using a controller for over a few hours hurts enough. We are looking into the use of a driving wheel and I guess a really comfortable chair!